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This section of our Web site is intended to provide you with business information we found recommendable.

Favorite Links

These links should become a preferred resource for you. Click here to view.

Sample Business Plan

Describes the elements of a complete business plan. Click here to view.

Business Plan Mistakes

Describes most critical mistake entrepreneurs make in the business plans that they present to angel investors. Click here to view.

Operating A Business

This article outlines certain procedures and operations relevant to privately-held California corporations, especially those that are newly formed. Click here to view.

Introduction To Private Placement

The term “Private Placement” as used in this text refers to the offer and sale of any security by a brokerage firm not involving a public offering. Click here to view.

Catapult Newsletter

Catapult produces a newsletter (“Catapulting News”) once or twice a month.  It covers various industry and finance topics and is ‘always entertaining and a pleasure to read’ (say our clients).  If you would like to receive it, just send us an email at: DanP@2catapult.com