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About Us

Why should you trust Catapult Consulting Associates ?

Catapult Consulting Associates LLC (and our Affiliates: Catapult RealtyTM and Catapult Wealth AdvisorsTM – Contact Us Now) is a management consulting firm providing high-level expertise to management of ‘challenged’ companies – positively challenged or negatively challenged. Catapult is taking advantage of several service industry trends that have developed in the Bay Area and nationally. Those significant and growing trends are as follows;

Despite the recent downturn in economic factors, long term growth prospects of Bay Area companies continue to be positive. Emerging and established technologies, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, service businesses and internet players will continue to drive the local economy. So-called “feeder” companies will continue to start-up, continue along the growth curve and either acquire competing/complimentary firms or will be acquired themselves. Most of these companies will be entrepreneurial and require outside consulting support.

Current management consulting industry players essentially fall into two categories; (1) Generalists, the “we can do everything” firms or (2) Specialists, the “we do one thing well” group, i.e. traditional CPA taxation firms, IT networking firms, etc. The industry continues to be populated mostly by traditional large consulting firms and the large (now consolidated) accounting firms. Pricing is determined by (1) level of fees attainable the first year i.e. anticipated minimum levels of annual fees, (2) ability to pay cash for services and (3) growth prospects of the prospective client. Only a few firms accept equity as compensation, either in whole or in part, or take risk in the form of performance guarantees or performance based compensation determined by the competency of the advice and of course, success.

Catapult Consulting Associates LLC was established to provide companies with superior expertise, independent advisory and high-level management consulting services, tailored specifically to meet company’s budgetary requirements. We pride ourselves on developing compensation structures that meet every client’s requirements.

We get excited about business challenges and we encourage you to discuss with us your company’s prospects and how we can help you to achieve your goals!