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The History of Catapult Consulting

Definition of a Catapult

An ancient weapon for shooting stones, arrows, (2) to Slingshot, (3) a device or engine for launching an object quickly, accurately, with speed, efficiency, and significant distance.


The Greeks first developed the catapult, but it was the Roman Empire that further enhanced and used them most proficiently. Many of you may remember the movie Gladiator. Roman artillery craftsmen devised a machine that was easy to construct, easy to maintain yet amazingly could thrust a 100 lb. stone more than 300 yards! It was the catapult, that with incredible speed, would snap forward the hefty shot or weighty arrow towards its intended target. The accuracy of the catapult shots is well documented in the history books.

Catapult Consulting Associates LLC (and our Affiliates: Catapult RealtyTM and Catapult Wealth AdvisorsTM – Contact Us Now) provides advisory services that exhibit the same characteristics as the catapult: ­ quick, efficient, accurate and will hit the target time after time. Our advice provides answers and solutions. It will always be thorough, comprehensive and due to our extensive level of experience, our advice will be delivered timely, efficiently and with precision. With our advice as ammunition, we are determined to DRIVE BUSINESS FORWARD.